King of Glory, We Welcome Your Coming

Reflection by: Alyssa B.

When hearing the verse “King of Glory we welcome your coming”, I automatically think of our Savior returning to us and showing us His light once again, just like how He did in ancient times. I also think about how He is coming back to save us from all the darkness and despair in the world. There are so many unfortunate events going on in the world now that people are praying every day for Christ to return. We have so much war, death, drugs, poverty, sex, and so many other sins that fill our lives that we forget the Lord will return to us and restore us, the living and the dead. Sometimes people forget that the Lord has a second coming, and lose their morals. However, there are other people in this world, like myself, that are anxiously waiting for the Lord to return to us. I can speak for myself that I desperately cannot wait to see this world saved. Many will welcome His coming.

In many other ways, the Lord is already right here with us every single day of our lives, just as He has always been. He guides us and walks with us in our daily lives and carries us when we can no longer walk. He fights our deep, dark battles alongside us and makes sure we come out on top. He helps protect us from sins and gives us the grace to never fall. For everything He does for us, He deserves to be welcomed with open arms. Once we do that, everything He has planned for us will surely fall into place. Whatever He has planned for the world will be for the better. It will be to help us grow, become stronger, become wiser, and become more aware of our King’s love.

When the good Lord returns to us, we have to remember to keep an open mind.   Most importantly, we need to have an open heart so that we can let Him in. He has great plans for us, to prosper, to grow, and to feel His love on a whole new and different level. We should welcome His coming with open arms and hearts. He will always be with us no matter what may happen. We must welcome His coming because He does so much for us. His love for us is unimaginable. When He returns, the world and its people will see a whole new meaning of love and life.

Alyssa B. is a Sophomore member of Delta Zeta and participates in her parishes ACTS Retreats.


About I.Q.

Irene began working with St. Mary's University in August of 2008. She currently serves as the Minister for Faith Formation and Faith Enrichment with University Ministry and as adjunct faculty with the Theology Department. Irene holds a M.A. in Systematic & Philosophical Theology and Ethics & Social Theory. As well as a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

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