Come Not As A Distant Emperor, But As A Helpless Babe

Reflection by: Eric U.

Each of us has our own unique relationship Jesus. In my personal relationship with Jesus, I feel he is both far and near. At times I can feel Jesus’ presence around me. His strength is filling in for what I lack. Yet at times I feel that he is very far from me. As I continue to grow spiritually I can see that this distance is closing. I can feel myself growing towards him, a relationship that is gaining his strength. I envision Jesus gradually moving towards me. He is dressed in white, a glowing halo hovering over his head acting as his majestic crown, with open arms welcoming the person that I am.

As I take a step back and look at this, the quote makes me reflect on what I tend to neglect. Jesus did not simply show up as this divine king who possessed this perfect character. He did not display his divine authority. When I think of Jesus I usually think of what is said of him in the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John. I think of his great tales of the miracles, the lessons and the unconditional love for us.

Regardless of our sins or mistakes Jesus never gave up. Yet, I fail to be conscious that Jesus did not simply show up on Earth as this distant emperor displaying his glory. He was conceived through Mary, born as a human. Jesus was born as a helpless human being. Jesus endured what we as humans endured. He was faced with the risks that we as humans are faced with such as the risk of disease, hunger, malnutrition and exposed to the danger of what our world contained. To make things a bit more difficult, Herod was out to kill Jesus, a helpless newborn. Jesus was born as helpless as each one of us but faced even greater challenges than we could ever imagine. He came to us as a vulnerable human baby.

It just makes me that more appreciative to see that Jesus was placed in a vulnerable position. He came into our world as we did, saw and experienced what it is to be human. This strengthens my desire to serve the Lord in whatever is right for me to do, regardless of the position I am placed in. Even when I feel as helpless as a baby, there is an opportunity to do better, to be better.

Eric U. is a graduating Senior this Fall.  He is majoring in Criminal Justice, and is a member of the Marianist Leadership Program.


About I.Q.

Irene began working with St. Mary's University in August of 2008. She currently serves as the Minister for Faith Formation and Faith Enrichment with University Ministry and as adjunct faculty with the Theology Department. Irene holds a M.A. in Systematic & Philosophical Theology and Ethics & Social Theory. As well as a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

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