We Wait in Joyful Expectation

Reflection by Crystal C. 

Just stop.

Many times I need to do just that – stop.

I need to stop thinking about what has passed and stop thinking of what is to come, so that I may enjoy this present moment and breathe.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

It is at that moment that I become aware of my surroundings. I become conscientious of the events happening around me, but most importantly I become aware of myself.

Why am I here? The million dollar question. It’s a question I do not expect to answer, but one that I do expect to pursue. As I pursue this journey, I have realized that although my decisions can influence my outcomes, there will always be something that I cannot forebode, and so I just stop.

In that pause, I understand that I was meant to enjoy that precise moment.

When I am sitting in class thinking of my to-do list, I can turn that into an invitation to begin to think what I am supposed to embrace in that experience.

It is only then that I can see God revealed to me in everything I do, that my purpose is to live in that moment and glorify the Lord.

What does my marketing class have to do with anything? Well, in that pause, I notice that all things are interconnected, and that no matter how hard we try to isolate a subject, they all co-exist.  Marketing is the business of promoting and selling. What I have noticed in myself is that, when I stray away from the Lord I am allured to seek something else, some other business that is better promoted. Usually products and services that are alluring, are those that make our lives easier. Living in Christ is not an easy path, instead, it is one that requires much strength and valor, but more importantly it is one that requires faith.

In my life’s journey, many of the unprecedented events can feel as if I was sinking in quick sand. It all comes at me so fast that by the time I take that second to breath I realize that I had been sinking for a while.

Breath in. Breath out.

Its OK.

Life is a mystery, and long journey full of surprises. Sinking could be a scary experience; however, it could also be wonderful. Every experience is an opportunity to flourish. The exponential amount of possibilities to solve the problem creates a perfect opportunity for growth. Even when were overwhelmed with all that surrounds us and we realize that in the bigger realm of life were actually sinking, we can trust that we will be ok; life’s plan takes molding by the one creator that loves us most.

God has wonderful plans, and all we can do is appreciate what we have and make the best of our situations, if shined in the right light it can all glitter.

However, I have learned that to appreciate these things I need to constantly remind myself to live the moment. I know god has plans for me, but those are plans for the future for me to enjoy then, but right now, I should be living in the moment, not in a plan, because unlike a plan, the moment is what is currently happening.

Crystal C.  is a Junior International Business Major and a McNair Scholar, University Ministry Peer Minister, Social Justice League President, and Student Government Association Senator.


About I.Q.

Irene began working with St. Mary's University in August of 2008. She currently serves as the Minister for Faith Formation and Faith Enrichment with University Ministry and as adjunct faculty with the Theology Department. Irene holds a M.A. in Systematic & Philosophical Theology and Ethics & Social Theory. As well as a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

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