Bringer of Life, Come

Reflection by Ina Morga

While God is the creator, the origin of life: Our messiah, Jesus Christ, is the bringer of life. As the bringer of life, he came from God to the world in human form with a message of hope, love, and peace, and as Christians, we loyally await the return of our dear bringer of life so we may enter the kingdom of God. But not every day can this sense of life be brought to us –in other words: God can’t descend to Earth in a physical form to bring us life every day! (Well He could, but He doesn’t). We have to search for “life” – God’s message –in the mundane, ordinariness of our daily existence.

But what is the life that Jesus brought to us? In the most literal of explanations: Jesus took on the sins of the world, thus relieving us of our sins, and died in order to give us salvation –and therefore eternal life. However, until Jesus Christ comes again to bring us to Heaven, we have to look at life in a different way. I see the fundamentals of life in four basic ideas: love, hope, peace, and respect.

Love is the message of Jesus, and the reason we have life. It’s important to experience love in our lives, with our friends and family, strangers and enemies. This love can be shown by making a gift for your friend for no reason, holding a door for a stranger, telling someone that you love them, and seeing the basic humanness and spirituality in an enemy. Love will teach you how to be respectful and peaceful. You cannot love someone without respecting their humanity. Respecting each other’s wishes, human needs, and rights to freedom will lead to peace on Earth. Peace, which is safe to say, a dream, a goal of the people of God, can start with two people.

These ideals overlap for a reason. They overlap because they are fundamental attributes of God, and what He wants for us. Jesus brought us life so that we could have the ability to carry out his message.

Bringer of life: come. We long for You in our daily lives, and we want nothing other than to be with our Messiah and our God for an eternity. Bringer of life: come. We love and cherish You, and seek to spread Your love on Earth. Bringer of life: come. You, alone, are our salvation.

Bringer of life: come.

Ina M. is Freshman at StMU.  On her free time she is a Dance Teacher, and a Sponsor for one of StMU’s Confirmation Candidates.


About I.Q.

Irene began working with St. Mary's University in August of 2008. She currently serves as the Minister for Faith Formation and Faith Enrichment with University Ministry and as adjunct faculty with the Theology Department. Irene holds a M.A. in Systematic & Philosophical Theology and Ethics & Social Theory. As well as a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

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