Christ’s passion, an act of beauty and mercy

As our Lenten journey draws to a close, the Palm Sunday liturgy is a constant reminder of our humanity and the greatest act of love we have ever known. As we enter into holy week, we are asked to take time today from our daily routine and responsibilities to gather as a community to reflect on our Lenten experience and the ways Christ has spoken to our hearts during this time. However, after listening to John’s portrayal of our Lord’s passion, as sinners we can easily identify with Jesus’ disciples and their examples of humanity. Yet, as we live in the present, we must remember the lord’s promise and our continued reliance on God’s mercy and assistance. As we look to the past, we see how we are bound by weakness, negligence, failure, and sin. But through it all, we must remind ourselves of the beauty of Christ’s passion and act of love for us all. We pray during this time that the lord may open our eyes as we come before him as his followers, and that we may learn to see ourselves as his disciples.

Francesca Garcia, is a  Senior English Literature major with a teaching certification. She serves University Ministry as a Minsterial Assistant for the Office of Faith Formation. She also is active with the Marianist Leadership Program, SEAL, President Ambassdors, Catholic Daughters of America and Francesca can be spotted on stage having acted in many of the drama performances on campus.


About bhalderman

A Marianist brother who works as the University Minister for Social Justice and as adjunct faculty in the department of Sociology at St. Mary's University. Brian holds a Masters in Social Work and a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies.

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