A New Heaven and a New Earth

Is 65:17-21

Ps 30:2 and 4, 5-6, 11-12a and 13b

Jn 4:43-54

As we journey through the heart of lent we begin to sense a certain amount of weariness.  We have probably experienced some falling away from our lenten resolutions and feel as if we have made no strides in our spiritual life.  This can often be disconcerting to us especially because we are trying so hard to deepen our relationship with God.  During this time we become much more keenly aware of our human limitations and see no sense in going on.  However, our first reading today offers us a renewed hope.  Isaiah reassures us that no matter what the past has held for us, God’s infinite merciful love is “about to create new heavens and a new earth.”  The psalm reminds us that God’s mercy carries us even in spite of our failings.  There is joyful promise in the air even in the more reflective solemnity of lent.  So, let us not lose hope or determination.  We need only do our part with a sincere heart and allow God to recreate us and love us into the persons we were intended to be.


About maurorasmith

Maria is presently working as Minister for Liturgy and Music at St. Mary's University Ministry. She has an Undergraduate degree in Theology and has just completed studies for an M.A. in Theology, both from St. Mary's University.

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