That Shiny Light

As Spring Break finally came, we students found ourselves lying around home, possibly attempting to finish books that can never be read during the semester, or even giving our time through service. I chose this spare time to sit down with Mom and Dad and discuss my future. Not a light conversation.  After a few minutes of stares and interrogating questions, a few looks from one another and raised eyebrows, I received an “I know you can do whatever you put your mind to” and “Let’s see what happens.”

Slightly discouraged and more confused, I turned to this Sunday’s readings. And lo and behold, it’s the Transfiguration of Jesus. It’s almost funny how mysteriously God works. This Sunday tests the true faith that we Catholics should unwaveringly portray and our God even helps us out by literally giving us a bright flashing light to open our eyes! And yet sometimes we still doubt? Well even his disciple did it, right? The first reading quotes our Lord making his heavenly promises to bless us and make our name great. So what are we all worrying about? In the midst of the spring semester, we are routinely planning out everything, even color coding! But did we remember that He has the ultimate highlighter? The second reading brings us comfort with God’s grace, a gift that He disguises into our lives “according to His own design.” So what does it all come down to? Well to me, it’s that we can plan over and over, cross out and white-out, but none of it will make any true sense until we stop to look up and see His Light that shines on our path to eternal goodness.

Selena Rangel is a second-year Elementary Education and English major, as well as a Ministerial Assistant with University Ministry, where she serves on the Residence Hall Ministry team. She is the current Vice-Regent of the campus court of Catholic Daughters of the Americas. She is originally from Seguin, Texas.


About bhalderman

A Marianist brother who works as the University Minister for Social Justice and as adjunct faculty in the department of Sociology at St. Mary's University. Brian holds a Masters in Social Work and a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies.

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