Ask and … receive.

Thursday of the First Week of Lent

Est C:12, 14-16, 23-25

We have an interesting combination of readings today.  We are encouraged to ask, to seek, to knock because our God is open to us.  And this is Good News!  Our God cares for us more than any other person can.  And God always acts for what is best for us – no matter what.

The plea of Queen Ester in the first reading, as she takes her life into her hands, can be a challenge to us.  What have we asked for from God in the last month?  How has what we sought measured up in the big picture?  Do I only ask for things for myself, or do I intercede for the people in Japan, those who do not have enough to eat, those who are lonely, …?

And then finally we have the Golden Rule.  One of the implications of the ‘rule’ is that since we want God to be open and responsive to our prayers, we need to be open and responsive to the prayers and requests of others.  Seeking God’s grace we join Queen Ester and pray, “Come to help me.”


About kstander

I am the University Chaplain for University Ministry at St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas.

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